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It’s getting around to that special time of year: when people who live up north get to experience the pleasures of weather that is marginally better than (or sometimes equal to) the horrors of winter. Yes, soon spring time will officially be upon us. Christmas has long passed, so now, what Holidays do we have to look forward to? Easter? Valentines Day? St. Patrick’s Day? Those are all well and good, but really, they all pale in comparison to the excitement that most people feel when somebody mentions Record Store Day. With vinyl’s recent resurrection and fast-track towards the mainstream, Record Store Day has been there to nurture records and records stores back to their former glory. In fact, RSD could probably be directly responsible for the comeback of vinyl. Looking at any chart for record sales, you can see when record store day first started back in 2007 at a glance, and it’s significance cannot be underestimated. I mean, RSD co-founder Michael Kurtz was even knighted in France back in 2013…

Now, with vinyl sales at a peak high and still showing an upward trend, Record Store Day comes again, with the special help of a friend: Dave Grohl. The Ambassador of Record Store Day is a big-name artist who comes forward to help out the cause by talking about the significance of vinyl and record stores. Past Ambassadors include Joshua Homme, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, and Jack White. This year, Grohl wrote a nice little piece on Record Store Day’s website, and even made a nice little video about some of his experiences with record stores:

You can read his full statement here

It’s a nice little piece he did for this year, and a nice story as well. Grohl has always come off as an absolutely huge fan of music, and this even further shows this. Other than this, however, not much more information has been released officially, other than the day it’ll take place: April 18th

Unofficially, a blog by the name of Wax Poetic has announced quite a few of the titles that are going to featured. It may or may not be incorrect, but it certainly looks pretty legit. Out of the absolutely massive number of big names, here are a few highlights:

-An Atreyu single (their first new one in 6+ years), with a bonus live track on the B side on a 7”
-2 unreleased Twin Peaks singles on a 7”
-Frank Zappa’s 200 Motels on a 7”
-A Miles Davis box set: The Prestige collection volume 2, a box of 5 10” singles
-At the Gates: Gardens of Grief, on colored vinyl
-Carcass: Choice Cuts, red and clear splatter double LP
-Clutch: From Beale Street to Oblivion, double LP on purple vinyl
-GWAR: America Must Be Destroyed, 45 RPM double LP with pop-up album artwork (this one sounds really cool)
-A collection of Bob Marley interviews
-Paul McCartney: The Family Way
-Charlie Parker: The Charlie Parker Story
-Social Distortion: S/T, on blue and white split color
-Venom: From the Very Depths

While that may not sound like much, the list posted on the blog is supposedly less than ONE QUARTER of the total releases. Yeah, that’s right. The blog has a bit over 100 listings, and reportedly, there are going to be over 300 MORE listings to come. It goes without saying, but that is an absolutely insane amount of releases. It’s just amazing to see RSD reach this kind of success, and to see vinyl’s resurgence. Hopefully this trend will continue for years to come. 

You can check out the full list over on Wax Poetic