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For those who aren’t big on vinyl, every year, on the third Saturday in April, every music nerd and collector comes out to celebrate a thing called Record Store Day. At a plethora of sponsored stores, you can meet artists coming out to meet with fans, look at cool art exhibits, buy special limited-release vinyl, and just generally celebrate music and records. Usually, the lineup for the limited release vinyl is nothing short of godlike, including a special Flaming Lips and Mastodon collab and a Mastodon live album, a Silverstein 7” simply titled Support Your Local Record Store, a Lee “Scratch” Perry 10” box set, a Cannibal Corpse picture disk, a Muppets soundtrack, some Opeth 12” marbled vinyl, and the list goes on and on and on.You get the idea, there’s a lot of cool collectible music to hang on a wall or keep in cabinet or, for vinyl enthusiasts, listen to.

Now, however, you don’t have to wait all the way until next year to get in on this wonderful event! Record Store Day is doing an amazing black friday sale this year, something that the organization hasn’t done since 2011. On their website they announced

“We didn’t coin the phrase ‘Black Friday’ and we’re definitely not fans of all aspects of it, but a few years ago we decided to embrace two pieces of the whole Black Friday thing:
"1: It’s the kick-off of the holiday shopping season and record stores sell nothing but good gifts.
"2: It pushes retailers into the ‘black’ and the retailers we want to help push there are our beloved indie record stores.”
“Some other people who love record stores feel the same way, so we worked with those artists, managers and label folks to create the special releases we’re proud to announce right here, available at participating record stores starting Black Friday, November 28.”

There ya go, folks. If you missed the awesome Record Store Day from this year, you get a second chance to pick up some amazing collectible records. For this Black Friday sale, the lineup is probably the best thing I've seen in a long time, and actually makes me excited for black Friday shopping. Some of the limited releases include: an Against Me! special recording session 7”, a Fishbone reissue of Truth and Soul, a Flaming Lips Christmas album made under the pseudonym “Imagene Peise”, Judas Priests’ 5 Souls on 10” red vinyl, Korn’s self-titled album on 2 12” LPs, a Mastodon 12” picture disc for The Motherload with a b-side of an instrumental version of Halloween, a Metallica single for First Pass, an absolutely hilarious 7” picture disc of two South Park songs (James Cameron/My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit), a St. Vincent special recordings 10”, The Big Lebowski soundtrack (which is actually an amazing soundtrack), the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (another amazing soundtrack), a Wu Tang Clan 10” picture disc for C.R.E.A.M. and Da Mystery of Chessboxin that ain’t nothin to fuck wit, a Death Grips vinyl release for Government Plates, and so much more to get hyped for.

That’s literally not even 1/4 of the awesome exclusive records that will be available on Black Friday, the full lineup is just absolutely nuts. If you’re a fan of vinyl, you should go to a sponsored record store on Black Friday. If you’re not that big of a fan of vinyl, you should go to a sponsored record store on Black Friday. There are so many amazing artists here to buy cool stuff from, if not, just go there to meet people and have a good time.

You can see the full lineup HERE

and you can check out all the sponsored stores HERE