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Pantera, arguably one of the most influential acts of the 90s metal scene, has caused quite a bit of despair in it’s time. Since breaking up, fans have been crying out for some kind of memorial tour, or at the very least, some kind of proper goodbye that they never got. Maybe one day it could happen, but for now, that seems to drift further and further away from the realm of possibility every day. Today is especially one of those days, as bassist Rex Brown has announced that he will be auctioning off an absolutely massive collection of Pantera memorabilia. Normally, this wouldn’t spell bad news for a potential memorial tour, but the nature of the stuff Brown is selling seems to be quite personal.

In a statement about the auction, Brown said:

"I took a look at all of my old Pantera gear. I realized I had a ton of bass guitars, amps, cabinets, road cases and other great stuff just sitting in storage collecting dust. I felt they really should be in the hands of the fans who would love to own a piece of Pantera history. I have all my Pantera love and memories in my heart and soul. Of course, I am keeping a couple things that are important to me, but there is a lot of treasured items here and it's time for the next generation to care of them."

Well, maybe that statement alone doesn’t exactly warrant any kind of panic over the state of the band, but once you take a look at some of the stuff this collection has, you may change your mind. Even the original Ibanez RS-824 Roadster that Brown used for Pantera’s debut album is there:

It’s a beautiful bass to say the least; even the case is worthy of a mention:

Even Brown’s custom made Stuart Spector, ‘Brownie’,from the 90s is on sale:

Brown offered this description for the bass as well (one of the most expensive items up for auction, at a starting bid of $20,000):

"During Far beyond Driven, I had started dabbling with a 5 string bass. I had some Music Mans made, but I asked a good friend of mine - Rachel from the Skids - if I could borrow a few of his Spectors. They sounded so great with Dime's guitar!! I immediately used them for 'Far Beyond Driven' and that's also how it all started with Stu. On one of the very first dates of the 'Far Beyond Driven' tour, Stuart had come to the show and handed me a 4-string Spector bass guitar - which I still own by the way. Shortly thereafter, in 1995, I commissioned Stuart Spector to build me this 5 string that would become my MAIN bass in the years to follow. I got it around the time of our show at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, which must have been one of the very first shows where I premiered this guitar. This was the golden warrior, hence the name Brownie!! This bass went to war every night with me!! The head stock has been broken off a couple of times with me throwing it in the air or being upset with the monitor guy, but my tech at the time, Jeff Judd, always brought it back to life !! I lost this bass toward the end of 2008 and to my good fortune happened to get it back from a fan!! This is probably the most photographed instrument with me in all of the collection. I really hate to let this one go, but I've got new ones!! Ha..."

Other than random clothing items brown wore on stage, and a few amps and pedals, there’s quite a few gold records to take a look at. Possibly the coolest one is this Reinventing the Steel gold record:

You can check out the full list of items on Backstage Auctions Website, and it’s definitely worth checking out. As for what this means for a possible memorial tour, it probably doesn’t mean anything. It seems pretty grim, but Brown may genuinely not have the money to care for this stuff properly.