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Back in January, Nuclear Blast kicked off the new year by teasing most of the albums from big name artists that were going to be released under the label for 2015, and along with that, bands have steadily been announcing their own releases under their own labels. We’ve even already gotten the new Periphery and Napalm Death releases that we’ve been anticipating for 2015 which were both phenomenal records, so now, we can wait in anticipation for all of the other huge releases this year. Now, Sevendust has added their name to the list of artists to look out for this year, as they’re planning their follow-up to 2013s Black Out Sun for release sometime in July.

The album was officially announced by guitarist John Connolly, who posted these on Twitter:


Connolly also did an interview with Loudwire before going on Shiprocked this year, where he described the new album in-depth:

“It’s funny, you come out of acoustic world and immediately you’re like “Alright let’s get metal again, let’s get heavy.” There’s a lot of heavy on this one, but there’s also a lot of melody. There’s a lot of spill over from where our headspace was at on an acoustic perspective which is great. I love being as heavy as we can be but Lajon [Witherspoon] he’s a melodic singer and I think he’s going to be excited about a lot of stuff. As heavy as we’re trying to be there’s still a ton of melody on it.”
“Once we get together as a band, I know Clint [Lowery] is busy writing a ton of demos and everyone is trying to get back into that headspace – the demos are exciting so far. We’ve had such a good time, during the last two records, collaborating together as a five piece which is something we haven’t done since the first album. All we had was a rehearsal room, each other, paying the rent and a few shows. Someone would come up with a riff or a demo and bring it in and we’d really hammer it out as a band.”
“We had so much fun on ‘Black Out the Sun’ and ‘Time Travelers & Bonfires’ really just being in each other’s face instead of wondering is this going to work or is that going to work? Morgan [Rose] is going to play whatever beat he’s going to play right there on the spot. I’m really looking forward to that interaction again. It was surprisingly civil too, for some reason or another as we get older we seem more agreeable with people’s suggestions. Having five cooks in the kitchen at all times, most times, with most bands can be counterproductive but for us it just works so much better for us – we’re so much more efficient”

So, there you have it, another release to look forward to for 2015. It’s still quite a ways off and a lot of work still has to go into it, but if the band actually can have the record ready by July, it’ll come fast enough