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Well, it's probably to be expected.  Bands just can't get along can they?  With all of the Slipknot member hubbub, it seems as if it's just a matter of time until one of your favorite band members leaves!  I mean, Story of the Year just parted ways with longtime founding member Adam Russell (bass), Skeletonwitch has been trekking on at shows without frontman Chance Garnett, bassist Evan Brewer and (just in!) drummer Alex Rudinger have left The Faceless; just to name a few! 

Sadly, it was announced yesterday that Sick Puppies have parted ways with their frontman/guitarist Shimon Moore!  Sick Puppies, who were only a 3 piece band, the split with Shim is the same as losing 2 members- akin to Billy Joe leaving Green Day.  The Sick Puppies now stand as a two piece, with founding member/bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin. 

Arguably, Sick Puppies may be most well-known for their aforementioned bass player Emma, who has earned the nickname of "The Female Flea".  Her signature bass style, tone, songwriting, and voice will hopefully provide a new focal point for the band, and will remain as a very key foundation to keep old fans interested in the band's future.  

Shim however did cover a huge part of the sound, with his unique voice and guitar style.  While his departure may seem like something that could end the band, Emma and Mark are indeed planning to continue on without him as indicated in their official statement via the band's Facebook page:

Official Statement:

Sick Puppies are undergoing some exciting changes and evolving. Former member Shimon Moore is no longer with the band and is pursuing other endeavors. We are currently in the studio writing material for our upcoming studio album while auditioning new singers. As always, there is nothing we enjoy more than creating and performing music for our fans. Our passion and determination to create and share our music is stronger than ever. We cannot wait for Sick Puppies’ next chapter to unfold and for you all to be part of it.

With respect and appreciation,

Emma & Mark

So now, fans are left to wonder what the new sound will be, when it will be released, and perhaps most importantly, what happened to cause Shim to leave.  As is often the case, the terms are left vague as to what transpired between the members.  Thankfully, it sounds like the hunt for a new singer/guitarist has already begun, and the new music is already being worked on!  Cheers to a new chapter for this amazing Australian band, and best of luck to Shim in whatever his new project is! 

In the meantime, check out this compilation video of the "Warwick Wondress" showing off some of her many memorable bass licks that defined the Sick Puppies sound!