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We’re almost halfway through 2015, and we’ve already had some pretty phenomenal releases and announcements so far. Near the beginning of the year, Nuclear Blast announced a plethora of bands that would have new releases in 2015, Napalm Death, Faith No More, Enslaved and more have released new albums, and plenty more have also announced their new releases. Tremonti is releasing Cauterize on June 9th, Sevendust have finished recording their 10th studio album (without any of the release dates or the name), and now, Slayer have announced the release date and details for their new album as well!

This newest album, titled ‘Repentless’, is the band’s first release without guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who died back in 2011. Since then, the band have at least released a single, ‘When the Stillness Comes’, as part of a special release on Record Store Day, as well as an online single. The band announced the title and release date of Repentless, set for the 11th of September, via a YouTube trailer:

Guitarist Kerry King has also talked about some of the individual tracks on the album via Metal Hammer:

"There's a couple of songs that are going to be on it that the fans might know. ’Atrocity Vendor' was released in the States on the B-side of some single [a limited vinyl edition of 'World Painted Blood'], so now it's 'Atrocity Vendor 2015'. It's completely re-recorded. It's got new leads, new vocals, Paul playing drums ... it's pretty cool. There's a brand new version of 'Implode' [which was recorded in 2014 and given away for free] on there. The version of 'When The Stillness Comes' is brand new compared to the single [that came] out [for last month's Record Store Day].”

"The first song is called 'Repentless' and that one's pretty much... I call it the Hannemanthem! I wrote that for [late SLAYER guitarist] Jeff [Hanneman]. Oh, dude, it's fast as fuck. You don't know what the fuck's coming! [Laughs] A song called 'Vices' is on there somewhere. It's super heavy. It'll pummel you in the face. 'Take Control''s another fast one. 'Cast The First Stone''s another heavy one."

"There's 12 songs on it, one being the intro, one being 'Implode', one being 'Atrocity Vendor' and one being 'When The Stillness Comes', but every version of those songs you may have heard before is different, so I think that's cool, but I also wanted them to be part of a collection. I like the finality of songs belonging on a record. It's probably about 40 or 45 minutes, maybe less. We did 'God Hates Us All' and we put every song we had at the time on the record because that was the trendy thing to do, but as soon as we did that, I vowed never to do it again. I grew up with 10-song albums."

The album is still a couple months away, so don’t get too hyped up for the release just yet, but until then, the band has painted a pretty clear picture about what the album is going to be like. For those who were lucky enough to pick up the first single of the album on Record Store Day, you can obviously listen to it whenever you want, but for those who haven’t gotten the chance to hear it quite yet, you can listen to it below: