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Slayer is certainly no stranger to controversy, and now that they have Paul Bostaph on drums, the fun only continues as ex-drummer Dave Lombardo sounds off on the new material.  It should come as no surprise that Slayer are known as the kings of thrash metal for good reason- they write consitent material!  You know it's Slayer as soon as you hear it, and let's be honest; we aren't expecting Slayer to release a djenty prog album nor a throwback to 90s nu metal.

What will likely happen is Slayer will release a nicer quality, more well-produced version of their trademark sound.  You might now say, but hey- this band lost a drummer AND their guitarist Jeff Hanneman!  Well, while this is true, Paul Bostaph happens to be more than qualified for the gig, plus Kerry King is still in the fold providing the signature riffs that Slayer has come to be known for!  Plus the vocals of Tom Araya are still not going anywhere!

We had already mentioned previously that the rumor according to Lombardo is along the lines of: "if you want to hear the new Slayer sound, just pick up the last album".  Which seems to say that the drummer believes the new material will simply be a continuation of the older stuff.  And as also mentioned before, this is where the battle never ends!  Is it really so bad if a band has another new album that sounds like an older one?  It's either the band experiemented and tried something new and thus "sold out", or the band is making "album X: Part II" and they aren't trying enough new things anymore.

While Lombardo seems to think that King and company are going to regurgitate previous thrashy goodness, I think it's safe to say, fans are going to be 100% a-ok with this!  Plus, it's the group's first effort with a new drummer and new guitarist- which will definitely have people thirsting for more Slayer! 

Now, enough about the past!  You are likely wondering, "what does Bostaph think of all this?!"  Well, never fear, he is hard at work being the new drummer and getting his parts down for the studio, which, if you want to enjoy some excellent old school thrash drumming, check THESE videos out!!!

Now that you have had your fill of surprisingly great sounding storage-unit double bass, Bostaph had the following to say about the Slayer songwriting process:

“Kerry [King] has a specific way he writes, and it really hasn’t changed throughout the years,” Bostaph explains. “That’s the one thing about Kerry and, respectfully, Jeff [Hanneman] that I knew. I knew how they wrote. Both Kerry and Jeff have a very strong idea of what they want the drums to do when they come in. Kerry, when he comes in and he shows you an arrangement, he’s gonna go, ‘I want this kind of beat here,’ or ‘that kind of beat here,’ or ‘double bass here.’ After a while, you figure it out and you interject your different ideas into the parts. Certain drum fills here, or maybe there’s a part of the song where he’s, like, ‘I don’t really know what I want the drums to do here, so do whatever you do here.’”

Bostaph adds, “So when Kerry shows you something, I know he’s got in his mind what he wants. So there’s not a lot of room for a drummer to do anything in the music, but you have to know how to color it. But certainly the songs are brought in in a very strong format before you really get a chance to dig in. And maybe the arrangements may change a little bit here or there, but that’s one of those things where you’ve just gotta get in a room [and work it out].”

So there you have it.  Paul's thoughts on the method to Slayer's madness!  And he ought to know!  He was indeed with the band for a decade for the albums ranging from "Divine Intervention" to "God Hates Us All".  Paul, after first departing Slayer due to an injury and desires to perform other music, has truly become one of today's most talked about drummers- playing for Exodus, Systematic, Testament, Forbidden, and HAIL!, among others.  From the teasers so far, this 2015 version of Slayer may be the best version yet!  All of us cannot wait to hear the new stuff, and while we will never forget Jeff Hanneman, we're glad to know Slayer will continue on! 

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Pictures thanks to Blabbermouth and Metal Injection!