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Slayer, arguably one of the most famed thrash metal bands of all time, are steadily making their return to power after the events of the past couple years. Between the tragic death of guitarist Jeff Hanneman, the firing of Dave Lombardo, and the hiring of both Gary Holt and Paul Brostaph, things have been quite rough for the band. Now, they seek to make a resurgence, after nearly 5 long years since their last full length release. The story, when you think about it, is very similar to that of Slipknot’s newest album release. With the sudden loss of members, by death and by being fired, new members being shuffled around, and even the amount of time between new releases, the stories are quite similar. Will the band be able to make as strong of a comeback as Slipknot, though? That remains to be seen.

The band has been slowly releasing information about their newest album over the past couple of months, all the while teasing what it might sound like, and now, they’ve released the first single from the new album: When the Stillness Comes!

You can listen to the new song here:

Guitarist Kerry King also spoke to Rolling Stone about the new song, specifically about what his influences were when writing it:

"We were touring Europe and we had a three-hour ride in some fucking minivan, and I'm just miserable in the backseat, not into anything. So I just stated jotting down hateful thoughts. It's about a dude who wakes up at a crime scene and realizes he's killed everybody. It's really cool."

"I know there's gonna be naysayers. I know there's gonna be people expecting us to fail, because so many things changed in the last six years. I'm prepared for that 'cause I know humans are just retards when they get on the Internet. But I know we put a good product together. I'm proud of it.”

King was definitely right about the naysayers bit, as the new song has been quite polarizing for some fans, at least, by Slayers standards. The main issue, it feels like, is that it doesn’t really stand out for a single, and just seems to come and go without any impact. Even the ending for the song is pretty abrupt. For some people, it seems that they just built up the hype for new Slayer material a bit too much, and ended up disappointing themselves.

For those who did end up connecting with the song, however, you’re in luck! This song, plus a live version of Black Magic will be available for purchase on Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th):

Or if you wanted just the single, you can pick up When The Stillness Comes on some pretty cool vinyl from Nuclear Blasts’ website:

You should also connect with Kerry King if you haven’t already