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Obviously, the main appeal of the internet has always been being able to waste a couple minutes of your life at a time, and from that idea, some pretty amazing things have come. People doing all sorts of different comedy shorts, just for the fun of it, have come from the internet, and especially in the metal world. Channels like Rob Scallon’s and TheMetalGrasshoper’s seek unite the metal world by creating quality shorts for everyone. Now comes a new contender: Sock Puppet Parodies.

The channel seeks to cover iconic songs, except done from the perspective of average socks. Each song comes with their own sock-themed lyrics, and it’s very own music video, featuring band members as socks. Originally, the channel was set up to be more about more popular music like Skrillex and Nirvana, but has now started to branched out, covering artists like Static-X, Immortal, Metallica, and Slayer. Now, Slipknot has joined their ranks, with their own cover of Wait and Bleed, or in this case, Wait in Bleach.

You can watch the video here, and if you do, at least make sure to wait until the 1:40 mark:

The channel also announced the new video with this statement:

"When socks are used as rags, they're liable to go insane. These socks have reached their tearing point. Now they've snapped and formed the ultimate garage band, SOCKNOT! The band is made up of misfit socks that have been all but used up. Frayed by the constant abuse, they have channeled that insanity into their hit single, 'Wait And Bleach'. This mosh pit of insanity hits you like a washboard and doesn't let up.”

These guys really like to stick to the whole sock idea… Either way, if you liked the video, subscribe to their channel, and make sure to check out some of their other stuff while you’re at it: