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Knotfest kicked itself off last weekend, Slipknot's first show in quite some time, and their first show with their two new members. Slipknot have always been known for their absolutely ludicrous sets and performances. With their masks tailored to their characters, plenty of fire, and of course Clown’s antics make their shows one-of-a-kind, and Knotfest was no exception. Just from the set design alone, which looks like some insane carnival ride, you can get an idea of what the show will be about. If that’s still not enough at one point, Clown takes out a baseball bat, and just goes crazy on his kit with it. Not only that Clown and Chris Fehn got their own scissor lifts to play on, and are constantly going up and down throughout the set. On the second day, Clown and Fehn even broke out some marching drums for one song.

The best part? You can watch it all online. Despite it being a taped show, and will never live up to the effect of the actual live show, it’s quite definitely worth a watch to see how crazy the band gets.

You can watch Saturday’s show here:

And Sunday’s show here:

Their setlist was nothing to shrug off either. The band was playing stuff from their whole discography

For Saturday it was:

01. People = Shit

02. Eeyore
03. Disasterpiece
04. The Negative One
05. Sulfur
06. Eyeless
07. Wait and Bleed
08. Dead Memories
09. Before I Forget
10. Three Nil
11. Purity
12. Custer

13. Duality


14. Spit It Out
15. Surfacing

And for Sunday it was:

01. XIX
02. Sarcastrophe
03. The Heretic Anthem
04. My Plague (played for first time since August 29, 2002)
05. The Devil In I
06. Psychosocial
07. Liberate
08. Opium Of The People (played for first time since March 30, 2004; second performance ever)
09. Left Behind
10. Vermilion
11. Custer
12. The Blister Exists
13. Before I Forget
14. Duality


15. 742617000027
16. (sic)
17. Surfacing
18. 'Til We Die

Not only was their new show awesome, but their new album .5: The Gray Chapter  is projected to sell 100,000 copies in it’s first week, and it’s only competition for the #1 spot on the billboard 200 chart is Neil Diamond’s Melody Road, which is said to sell between 70,000 and 80,00 copies. So, congratulations are in order for the band. Slipknot have really come back with something great, and their being recognized for it.