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Soulfly, the legendary metal outfit fronted by legendary former-Sepultera founder Max Cavalera, have officially entered the studio to work on their 10th album! The follow-up to 2013’s Savages is set to have a late spring release for this year, and is coming out via Nuclear Blast records. Even more exciting is that the album will be produced by Matt Hyde, who has worked on some huge releases in music, most notably Slayer’s War at the Warfield and God Hates Us All.

Talking to, Cavalera talked about the new record, saying:

"I need to prepare a really good Soulfly record for the fans. I really wanna do it killer. And the more time I spend writing the riffs and getting the ideas for the Soulfly record, the better record it will be. Instead of waiting for the last minute and do it real quick… Hopefully [I can] think of some cool guests to be on the tenth record — the big tenth record. We're gonna try to make some kind of campaign about [it] — ten records; that's quite amazing. But we're gonna try to make a really cool [album]."
"We've got a really solid band. I love Marc [Rizzo, guitar], [and] I love Tony [Campos, bass]. And it looks like Zyon [Cavalera, Max's son] is gonna drum again for the next CD. So we're gonna kick his ass, [and] try to get [him to be] more in the ball with us. And we'll see how that goes."

For how long these guys have been around making music and doing their thing, hopefully they can combine everything they’ve learned to make an absolutely smashing 10th record.

 The band announced they were in the studio via facebook: