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You’ve heard the story time and time again: a few members of your favorite metal act run off to make music that’s radically different than anything they’ve made before. What you may not have heard, however, is that Steve Von Till, the singer and guitarist for the legendary Neurosis, was probably one of the earliest examples of this trend! Till started his solo project with the album As the Crow Flies back in 2000, and was essentially a statement of his interest in the darker side of folk music:

Not only are there some amazing songs off of this album, but it really is a great showcase of how dark folk music can be. The songs featured extremely varied instrumentation as well, including horns, orchestral strings, and even a full choir, all for the sake of showcasing this darker side to the genre. It’s entirely different from the stuff he did for Neurosis, but, in a weird way, it’s actually very similar. Till continued this project with If I Should Fall to the Field in 2002 and A Grave is a Grim Horse in 2008, but since them, there’s been no word if the singer would ever release anymore of these folk albums.

Now, almost 7 years later, Till has released a new album, in it’s entirety, on Soundcloud.The album is titled A Life Unto Itself, and takes a blusier direction for some songs. The vocals from songs like the title track off of the album are almost reminiscent of Tom Wait’s Foreign Affairs. In fact, if you switch out the guitar for a piano, or vice-versa, the songs off both of the albums could almost be impossible to tell apart on both albums (which is definitely a good thing). It’s not clear whether or not the album will get a physical release, as the site just says that the album will be released in May.

You should definitely check out the whole album, but here are a few highlights for those interested:

The full album: