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Record Store Day has always brought some interesting releases to record stores every year, and sometimes, even some that make you scratch your head a bit. For last year’s black Friday sale, RSD released The Big Lebowski soundtrack for the first time on vinyl, with some nice cream coloring on it. It’s a fantastic soundtrack and definitely deserved to be released on vinyl, but doesn’t it seem a bit odd to release it on, what some would consider, a holiday? There was also the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, but on cassette only, so it felt out of place on a holiday reserved for record stores. Apart from some strange decision making, there have been some interesting releases in the other direction. All kinds of different covers records, records with strange back-stories that were never released, reissues, and more blanket the list of releases.

It seems that Stone Sour has thrown their name into the Record Store Day pool as well, as they’re planning to release their own covers record! Ever since February, the band have been slowly releasing a series of teasers, and videos for some of the more notable tracks on the record. The record, aptly titled ‘Meanwhile In Burbank’, was record at Room 237 in Burbank, California. It was announced by the band, when they released their first cover of Metal Church’s ‘The Dark’ as a promo for Corey Taylor’s new film, Fear Clinic:

It’s a good cover, but Corey Taylor’s gravel-y barking isn’t really comparable to David Wayne’s piercing wails. It’s nice to hear a band putting their own personal touch to a song, but sometimes, the differences can be a bit too drastic. Still, it’s just one of the songs off of the album. Later on, in March, the band released a 30 second clip of their Alice in Chains cover as well:

This one seems to be a bit more suited for the band, as they're much closer in styles, and the changes made don’t seem nearly as drastic. Unfortunately it’s just a preview, as the full song seems like it’d be quite good. Finally, they released their preview for Judas Priest’s ‘Heading Out to the Highway’:

Although Judas Priest has some pretty substantial differences to Stone Sour stylistically, the band seems to have pretty effectively pulled off the cover. Once again, the preview is cropped in just the right way to keep you begging to hear more of it. So, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until April 18th to hear the full thing, and if you’re looking to buy it physically, you’ll need to get kind of lucky. The EP will be limited to 3000 vinyl-only copies, so if you like what you hear, you’ll want to be waiting outside your record store pretty early this year.