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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything new from Testament, almost 3 years now. The band had some pretty great success in recent years, with The Formation of Damnation back in 2008 and Dark Roots of Earth back in 2012 both proving that the a band as old as them can still put out great music. Now, the band has announced that they are in the studio to try an put out a successful follow up to their past successes.

The announcement was made via Facebook:

Not only that, but in a recent interview with John Rundquist, Gene Hoglan, the drummer for the band, talked about the new album, saying:

"[It] is badass; it's killer, it's good shit. And Testament fans are gonna be, like, 'Fuck yeah!'… People will be, like, 'Shit, they mean business on this record.' It's heavy [and] fast, [with] a lot of thrash stuff."
"I know that [Chuck and Eric's] approach — and this has been stated in the press — they kind of wanna go back to 'The Gathering' [1999] kind of vibe, and I can see that. That had a lot of fast songs on it, and that's kind of their approach that they're taking. And that's cool; that was a great record. So [I think they're] trying to write a better version of that, so I think they're gonna do it."

Chuck Billy also stated in a separate interview that he did want an album that sounded similar to The Gathering:

"because 'The Gathering', for me, was such a turnaround record for the band. I think we really found our style and place, and the songs on that, to me, are probably gonna be some songs that stand the test of time, for sure. I think, 'cause we started experimenting with blast beats and a different style of guitar rhythms and picking on the guitars, it was different for us, and I really like where that went. So we hope that's where it all kind of ends up, and that's what we're shooting for."

So, there you have it. The gathering was definitely one of Testament’s greater records, so if they can do an accurate return-to-form, then this record will be a huge success as well. Just another thing to look forward to in 2015...