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There really is nothing quite like seeing a true staple of rock stardom not only remember people and situations from their youth, but also treat their fans with respect and camaraderie.  Both are the case in the latest awesome rock tale from the one and only Eddie Vedder. 

As it goes, a fan by the name of Joe Wolfe ran into Eddie Vedder when seeing Pearl Jam live at Bogarts in Cincinnati!  This will date everything, wait for it... The band was in a movie theater seeing "Wayne's World"!  Wolfe ran into the singer at the theater and asked the frontman for a picture!  Since the 90s were days of yore, and everyone's phone did not have a camera built in, nor did people carry around cameras everywhere, Eddie promised Wolfe that the next he saw him they would grab a picture together!

Clearly, one does not simply run into Eddie Vedder "next time", so it's without a doubt that Wolfe probably wrote it off as a busy "on his way" rockstar who was just saying things to be nice.  I mean, after all, how many times does one run into Vedder, even once?

So the years passed and Wolfe, still a Pearl Jam fan, went to go see the band live in Cincinnati again.... THIS time, playing at the US Bank Arena!  Somehow, as only some fans know how to do, Wolfe ran into Vedder yet again, and weirdly enough was denied a picture a second time!

So at this point you are probably saying to yourself, "Eddie Vedder is such a pompous ass that he can't be bothered to take a picture, even with a crazy fan!"  or "Everyone has phone cameras, how on Earth could it be so hard to take a simple fan picture?!"

Well let this video explain a bit more, in Eddie's voice! 

(fast forward to 1:30 for the exact moment)

So he actually tells Joe Wolfe to "fuck off, dude!"  What a guy!  But if you couldn't hear in the video, it is because Eddie actually mistook Joe for the guy who apparently stole his joint outside of Bogarts back in '92.  Does this guy have a memory or what?!  Not only does he remember the two decade promise, but also remembers getting a joint stolen, and can somehow differentiate between the two?  I'm impressed....

So yeah, Eddie, being the cool dude he is, told the story in front of almost 20,000 fans- the story of Joe Wolfe, and the promise of a picture, 22 years later...

Thanks to Wiki and Blabbermouth for the images!