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Back in May of 2014, the mythical intergalactic scumdogs of GWAR started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for their very own GWARbar. It wasn’t too successful, however, as they only raised half of the $50,000 they set out to get. Through the magic of flexible funding, though, they were still able to raise $21,811. It’s actually a miracle that the project wasn’t full funded, as the band were offering such amazing perks like a $10 plea for leniency, which was described as “a small bribe in the hopes that your overlords spare your miserable life.” GWAR teamed up with Travis Croxton, a top restauranteur in Richmond, to carry out the project, and now, it’s finally open for business!

The bar released their statement, saying:

"The GWARbar makes real the longtime fantasy of GWAR, the most brutal rock band in history, to open a restaurant and bar worthy of their name. The project was spurred by Jonathan Staples of James River Distillery and their departed lead singer, Dave Brockie. Along with restaurant partner Travis Croxton of Rappahannock, GWARbar's mission is to bring "intergalactic junk food" to citizens of Richmond, Virginia and visiting GWAR fans from around the universe. The restaurant's ambience balances beauty and brutality in the band's trademark style, brought to life with the design and construction genius of Barry Griffin at Griffin Customs.
Patrons of GWARbar will enjoy sipping signature drinks out of a specially designed GWAR Tiki mug. Founder and owner, Holden Westland of Southern California's Tiki Farm, the world's largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs, has worked with GWAR to create a Tiki based on the band's characteristic visual style. This GWAR Tiki will be highly collectible, and is available exclusively at the GWARbar."

Here are those Tiki mugs in question:

It all looks a bit too fancy for the band, but in reality, it suits them more than anything. They have a beer on draft called GWARblood, a spiced popcorn called Crack or Jack, and a shot called Nipple Back. If you’re in Richmond, it definitely looks like a stop that you’d want to make.

reHere’s the cheap promo video they made too: