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For many of us here in the US of A, we have been oh-so-jealous of our European friends who have been delighted with a tour of epic proportions: The Hunting Party Tour- which shows the first-ever pairing of nu-metal legends Linkin Park with the beyond buzzworthy up-and-coming Of Mice & Men!  Seriously, these two bands on one bill is going to cause massive destruction! 

We already got a slight preview of this when Linkin Park decided to invade the California stop of the Warped Tour- sharing the stage with all the staple younger bands

Then fans got another dose of collaboration epicness when Linkin Park brought OM&M frontman Austin Carlile on stage to perform the classic LP anthem "Faint".  Seriously, check THIS out!

Seriously, after seeing that merger of two amazing screamers, it left fans craving more!  But it also left the States a bit disappointed knowing that this was a Euro-only tour...

But wait, today it was announced that this tour will INDEED be coming to the US, and to a variety of cities as well!  To add even more icing to the proverbial heavy rock cake, it was also announced that Rise Against would be added to the bill for the States!

So, it IS indeed official!  Check out that flyer to see if the show will be coming to a town near you- if not, we all highly recommend a road trip because this, like the Linkin Park + 30 Seconds to Mars MONSTERS tour, is sufficiently going to BE a monster for your eyes and ears! 

Check out the trailer here, and make sure to head over to for all the dates and info!