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It's the latest craze in guitar amplifiers- compact yet versatile amplifiers known as lunchbox amps!  They come in all shapes and [small] sizes, yet they are plenty capable of delivering huge tone.  Being tube-driven, they have all the classic sound that tone-snobs want, plus plenty of power to drive everything from a small 1x12 to a full on 4x12 half-stack!

Now, Mesa/Boogie is no stranger to the smaller, lunchbox amp game; as they were one of the first companies to come out with the acclaimed "Mini-Rectifier"; a smaller version of the full-sized Rectifiers that give guitarists the epic, bitey, distortion that is needed for modern rock.  Believe me, the Mini-Rectifier is shockingly loud despite it's seemingly "low" wattage output and small footprint.

So, fans have been vocal about expanding Mesa's line of smaller amps, especially with the massive success of the Mark V!  The Mark series of Mesa amplifiers are legendary for the tones that each  model has cemented into the rock vernacular of tone.  The Mark V, somehow, is able to jam all of these historic models, and then some, into its epic and slightly intimidating half-stack head frame.

Granted, the Mark V is full of knobs, graphic EQ sliders, and toggles, and is a bit daunting to stare at.  So, Mesa decided to take all these great features and slim them down into an even more streamlined and smaller frame that is easier to carry and a lot easier to manage.

Down at a [still very loud!!] 25 watt max output, the amp delivers pentode-wired power via Class A/B that easily drives huge guitar cabinets and your ear drums!  You can also step the amp down to triode-wired 10 watt power for recording clip and bedroom jamming. 

Don't worry, Boogie fans, the slider EQ is still there, despite the smaller frame.  That means you can still dial in that classic V shape for that amazing California tone. You can plug in via 1x 8ohm jack to accommodate all the classic cabinets, or pick 2x 4ohm jacks to connect to 2 8ohm cabs or 1 4ohm cab; building the best rig you can dream up!

What if you don't want to use speakers for live or recording?  Well, Mesa has thought of that too, via their ingenious incorporation of their amazing new CabClone DI technology into the back of the head!  Now, you can get a clean, speaker-emulated tone right from this insanely tone-packed head; and not need to mic up a series of speakers to play or record!

Check out the official Mesa tone demo!