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Billy Corgan has been making music for quite some time, and a lot has changed since the days the Siamese Dream dropped in 1993. It shows, as Corgan says that this will be his last attempt at making something great with the project. In an interview with The Chicago Tribune, he said

“I’m not willing to wait around 15 to 20 years to have somebody go, ‘Hey, that album that you made is really good.’ And then sell it to the 7,000 people that are still paying attention.”

He adds

“When this [new album] process is over, I’m either going to bail on this ship for good, like ‘I’m done,’ or I’m going to have a new ship to sail on.”

He goes on to talk about how it hasn’t been an easy process too, saying

“How do you reach through the fog as an artist? How do you punch your way back through? How do you say, ‘I still matter’? How do you say, ‘How does one of my contemporaries get treated like a contemporary artist, and how do I get treated like I’m supposed to play ‘Siamese Dream’ for the rest of my life?’ At some point you’ve got to fight this fight or go away.”

It has indeed been a rough time for the band. Siamese Dream will always be the one album that’s placed above everything else the band does. The new album is called Monuments to an Elegy, and by name alone, it seems to live up to the idea that this is their last effort. It will either be the band living up to their previous success, or it will be the last thing to remember them by.

Corgan recently told alternative nation about the direction, sonically speaking, that the new album is going to take too, saying

“The album is very in tune to the speed of this generation. Whether or not Generation X wants to be a part of it, we are part of it now. So I just think you’ve got to move at the speed of the world, or you look kind of flat footed and antiquated. I think we’ve found a nice balance of what we do well, and the speed of the world. So it’s hard to talk about, because at the end of the day, people either get it musically, or they don’t. There’s times where I’ve been certain that people would get it, and they don’t, and there’s other times where I thought nobody would get it, and they do. So I’ve learned to kind of not guess on that any more.
“I feel like it’s there, and all of the response that I’ve gotten behind the scenes is off the charts. Just a really, really intense response. Things like people saying, ‘This is the record I’ve been waiting for you to make for 15 years.’ That kind of stuff, very grandiose things, but it tells me that we’re on point, in terms of hitting the right note. Because if you made like, ‘Hahaha, Siamese Dream 2,’ people wouldn’t have that response. They wouldn’t see it as current, and I know that from my own list, so it feels current to people that are hearing it.”

A band as old as Smashing Pumpkins trying to evolve is no easy task, so it’ll interesting to see what they’ll put out. Nobody wants to hear a “Siamese Dream 2.0”, not even Billy Corgan, so we’ll see how the album will live up to it’s name.

Although, despite the bands efforts it will never be a hit according to Courtney Love, who said that every hit they’ve made has been about her. Yes, she said that. While Smashing Pumpkins have been working on this new album, she has been going off about the band. Love dated Corgan for awhile before marrying Kurt Cobain. When asked what here favorite Smashing Pumpkins song was by BBC 6 Music, she replied

"Yeah, loads, because there are so many of them that are about me. 'Siamese Dream', 'Bodies', 'Today'... He stopped writing about me and then he stopped making hits."

Uhhh, what? I get that she often says inflammatory things, but this doesn’t even make any sense. She continues

“'Where Boys Fear to Tread' was about [her] and Trent [Reznor, Nine Inch Nails] and how mad he was about that."
"There's one on 'Siamese Dream' called 'Spaceboy' – that's about his brother, but the rest are all pretty much about me,"

Well, okay then Courtney Love. You can say whatever you want, and talk shit to whoever you want. After going off on someone about Dave Grohl, and a bunch of other artists, it’s not hard to believe that she’s still going. Just let her say whatever she wants, she’ll tire herself out eventually.

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