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While it sounds all militant and revolutionary, The resistance that was once in flames, is actually merely a pun on two epic Swedish bands.  I'm sure you all know In Flames, one of the most, if not the most well known band to come out of Gothenburg (or arguably, Sweden as a whole), waving the flag for melodic death metal. 

Yeah yeah, I know, you are already saying, but no!  In Flames hasn't been that style since Jesper was in the band!!!  And you may be right.  Their sound has certainly morphed since Jester left, especially on the most recent album, where you we've seen lead vocalist Anders travel into vocal stylings that normally do not pair with melodeath.  And while the last 2 albums are GREAT pieces of music overall. it does seem to raise the ire of tons of beloved old school IF fans who just want to hear Anders doing his trademark (and amazing) death growl again.  But enough about IF, this is all about THE RESISTANCE.

Back in October, we discussed this exact phenomenon, in regards to former guitarist Jester Stromblad coming out of solitude around the time of the band's latest release "Siren Charms" to discuss his departure, "The Resistance", and the "new Flames" sound.

Well Jesper has truly made a comeback it seems with not only reconnecting with fans, and being active on social media (, but also getting his other band off the ground called "The Resistance".  This project features former and/or current members from several great bands: The Haunted, In Flames, Kaamos/Grave, and M.A.N.  Another familiar name for old school IF fans rounds out this band's guitar line up, that name being Glenn Ljungstrom.  Glenn and Jesper on guitar huh?  Pinch me now! 

So what's going on with this band?  Well, according to their Facebook, they are currently in the studio working on a new "mini-album".  They have a lyric video to their new single "Dead", slated to come out NEXT Tuesday, so be prepared!  The group plans to call it "Torture Tactics" and will include ten songs on it, mostly new. 

The mini record will come out on EarMUSIC.  Marco Aro is the vocalist, and as you would expect, the vocals are going to be brutally awesome.  Check out the track-listing here, with new songs starred:

01. For War *
02. Dead *
03. Cowards *
04. Deception *
05. The Burning *
06. Dying Words *
07. Slugger
08. Expand To Expire
09. Face To Face
10. I Bend You Break

Want to hear the teaser? 

Like what you hear?  The production is stripped back and heavy hitting and seems to mesh oh-so-beautifully with Marco's screams.  The cool thing to take from all of this, is that the band embraces themselves as a band.  They don't think of themselves as a supergroup or "Another project" as so many of today's musicians balance the act of being in multiple bands. Check it out:

The Resistance is not a super-group, or a side project. It is a band, it’s a gang, embracing the musical attitude and sounds of Swedish old school death metal and the old “no compromise” values of hardcore.

After one listen, you can tell these guys are sticking to their guns.  Best of all?  They know what their fans want, and refuse to give them anything but, as evidenced here:


The band has some old material from 2013 you can check out, and as mentioned, will be releasing the new shit very soon!

Want to learn more and buy some tunes?

I mean, who says a death metal hardcore group can't have a nice looking website?