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The year is 2014, and with one of the most epic years for music releases (from both old and new bands alike!) in quite some time, we are starting to see some interesting things surface as bands go out on the road to take their new music to the masses.  Who here remembers Powerman 5000, Korn, and Slipknot?  I know, it's not 1999, but all of these bands are back/still at it, and going full force out on the road.  Touring, loud music, debauchery, and lighting hotels on fire! 

OK, there's a bit more to it than that, but strangely enough, both Slipknot/Korn and Powerman 5000 have been involved with several close encounters of the flammable/smoky kind at their respective hotels.  Let's discuss...

Beginning with PM5K- this band is out on the road supporting their latest album "Builders of the Future" when their tour made its next stop in Marietta, GA.  Staying in a newly-remodeled Radisson Hotel, the band has already had a tumultuous time at the end of this year with their tour facing upsets with the death of Wayne Static. The band continues their tour without Static, and with American Head Charge. 

So what's all this about a hotel fire?  Well, when frontman Spider One went to turn down the A/C in the band's room on the tenth floor, the unit apparently began throwing flames at the blonde-haired musician.  Shortly thereafter the entire floor was consumed in black smoke leaving the band a narrow escape from the fire. 

Guitarist Nick Ouijano had the following statement recounting the night's events:

"I just wanted to let you know that we were all involved in a 10th-floor fire at the Radisson [hotel] in [Marietta], Georgia this evening around 6 p.m.

"We checked into our rooms to relax before our show at 120 Tavern and [POWERMAN 5000 frontman] Spider One went to turn off his air conditioner unit in his room when an electrical fire broke out within the unit, shooting large flames across the room and filling the entire 10th floor with smoke. To make matters worse, the alarm and sprinkler system in the hotel was defective and didn't go off to warn anyone in the hotel of the fire. We had to run down the hall and yell to all the other inhabitants to get them to clear the floor and get to safety.

"Other than some smoke inhalation, we are all okay and will still be playing the show tonight at 120 Tavern and continuing our tour through the USA with AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE.

"We are left wondering what will happen next on this run, but we want to let everyone know that the tour is STILL RUNNING as planned and expect to see everyone out at the remaining shows through North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas."

It is great news that everyone is safe and that the tour will continue as scheduled.  So now, what happened with Slipknot and Korn?!

Taking a look at Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch's Twitter will reveal that apparently the Slipknot guys are going ballistic with smoking in their hotel room.  Already slightly irritated with Jim Root, as Head claims Root recommended the movie "Interstellar" over "Dumb and Dumber To":

Head now sends a huge sarcastic thanks to the Slipknot guys for smoking so much in their hotel room that the main fire alarm was set off!

Oh, what loving, nu-metal camaraderie!  The brotherhood is strong as ever with these bands, and the thought of these guys sharing a hotel and setting off alarms with their shenanigans should bring warmth and happiness to any metalhead's black heart. 

As far as we all know, this all seems that everyone is OK and hopefully unhurt, save for perhaps losing some sleep due to what probably seemed like a fire drill of sorts.  And hopefully the amount of masks that were harmed were kept to a minimum...  And let's really hope that no one tries to avenge any mask-pranking by messing with the Korn guys' dreadlocks... Those certainly take far longer to grow! 

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