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Music is subjective, plain and simple.  What sounds good to some does not sound good to others.  A cover that sounds good to one person might be lame to someone else.  A band who invents a new genre may be groundbreaking to some, but "trying too hard" for others.  A band sells out to some fans, but "grows" according to others!  It's the never-ending human battle!  And after you talk to a number of seasoned musicians and audiophiles, you eventually learn to embrace it all; for all music offers a benefit to your ear whether you know it (or like it) or not. 

Many people look at the guitar in very traditional fashion.  It is a slab of a certain wood, mixed with a few other woods, with a few strings stretched across it in a tuning we call "standard", with a set of magnetic ears to pick up said vibrations- and all controlled with some VERY simple knobs and circuitry.

Granted there's a bit more to it than that, but in it's basic form, yes, that is the guitar.  Tom Morello is one of the musicians who REALLY took the "it's just some strings and wood" philosophy to the next level, creating sounds with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave that mimicked West Coast rap and hiphop modulated synths, harmonicas, DJ turntablism, helicopters, and all sorts of other wacky shit. 

Don't just take my word for it:

And in the 21st century it has never been more appropriate to experiment and try new things!  Guitars are being built better than ever, with improvements being made in almost every aspect of the instrument, from frets, to pickups, to intonation, and more!

Caparison Guitars has long led the way with their amazing Mattias Eklundh Signature Model Applehorn (pictured above), which has caused legions of guitarists to do double takes at their monitors.  What the HELL is wrong with those frets?!  Well those frets are called "True Temperament" and are perfectly intonated.  Each fret is individually adjusted for the natural inaccuracy of pitch on each string as your fretting hand progresses on the neck. 

The common fretboard features straight frets, which are only a mathematical approximation of "in tune" up and down the neck.  But if you've ever been really pissed at your guitar's G string, or wondered why your guitar sounds great in the low positions and more out of whack above the 12th fret, this is why!

Mattias, like many of his Swedish guitar brethren are true pioneers of the instrument!  Convention does not last long in this crowd, and bands like In Flames, Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Meshuggah, and more are always pushing the boundaries of music and guitar!  These are the people who are not afraid to truly innovate and do something fresh! 

Well, Mattias just so happens to have a really fascinating approach to natural harmonics and whammy bar, and will teach you it for free in this great new lesson!  Many will think it's ugly, and weird, and hell, it might even make your skin crawl; but it is playing like this that is taking guitar to the next level!  You are about to hear one of the coolest lessons, this side of the Atlantic!  Be prepared for some way-cool guitar playing.  It may not sound normal, and it may not sound "good", but remember, this is all a lesson in how to use harmonics in ways like never before!

Images thanks to our friends at Caparison Guitars!

Seriously, go check this thing out!