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“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Albert Einstein

Technology... a blessing or a curse?  While it has totally revolutionized the way that we as humans connect around the world with those we know and those we don't, it does have its drawbacks.  While the advance and availability of the internet has grown to include more people than ever before, at quicker speeds and cheaper cost than ever before, societies around the world are finding a relative "disconnect" among members when observed in passing.  The internet and insanely powerful tech that many people have access to has revolutionized the way that we consume our media, and while many thought it would kill the entertainment industries, it seems like each branch of entertainment has found ways to (very slowly) cope with the new landscape.

Many people have observed this change in social behavior since the advent of smartphones, and with so many people being addicted to social media, its hard to ignore.  These are just some of the countless examples of some meme-based social commentary on this exact phenomenon:

The memes are endless, clearly society sees this happening.  But the idea of what you see above is also reflected by artists, not just kids on Reddit.  Artists from all forms of various media have taken notice of this exact issue, the latest of which is the California-based rock quintet "Of Mice & Men".  But wait, didn't they JUST release their new album last year?!  Correct my dear reader! 

Now, let's examine this.  Usually a new single comes with the release of a new album.  However, this band is releasing a song on its own standing, similar to how Bring Me The Horizon released "Drown" sans an album context.  So, Of Mice & Men has decided to re-release their groundbreaking 2014 album "Restoring Force" as an expanded edition featuring some new songs, plus some acoustic re-imaginings!  One of the new songs?  You guessed it!  #BrokenGeneration.  (See what I did there?)

Turn it on and turn it up, and read on.... (if you like Breaking Benjamin, you're gonna love this tune)

After a good amount of teasing over social media, OM&M finally released this new song and video on the music world via where drummer Tino Arteaga discussed his views on how today's young generation indeed seems a bit "broken":

"The video is a metaphor for the current state of the Internet/technology-obsessed generation. As technology advances, life is lived out through LED screens instead of looking at the beauty in the world around us. This generation needs to begin taking action and 'unplug' instead of mindlessly entering data into computers."

And he's right, the video is full of somewhat Matrix-y imagery of humans going thru life "wired" to their devices and their digitally connected lifestyles.  Are we too plugged in?  Or are we really just all hypocrites, because you're likely reading this on some sort of digital device?  I would argue, that in the grand scheme of things we are getting increasingly better at learning how to multitask to stay connected to real life and digital life simultaneously. 

It does raise an interesting idea, and it's always great to see up and coming bands making social commentary on what they see around them, rather than just a song about a breakup or troubles with friends.  So what are you waiting for?!  Go out to see a live show, enjoy the world around you, and take in what the world has to offer.  And don't worry, using your smartphone doesn't make you an idiot.  After all, it's just the changing times in how we consume.

Want to pick up the full album when it comes out?  It will be released on February 24 via Rise Records.

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