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I know, I know, you're probably already screaming, "WHY, on Earth would I want to take my solid-feeling stoptail guitar and ruin it by turning it into something with a Floyd?!"

Say what you want about tremolo arms, but the Floyd Rose- WHEN PROPERLY SET UP AND CALIBRATED- is one of the finest and most expressive guitar innovations of the last 35 years!  The only gripes, are that traditional Floyd Roses require extensive body routing to install, look "too metal", and are a pain to adjust.  So what would you say if I told you that there might be a solution that incorporates the versatility of the Tremol-No, the awesome-ness of a regular Floyd Rose, the aesthetics of an elegant Bigsby (or similar arms), and epic adjustability, calibration, and tuning stability? 

You might be asking, what the hell is this?!  There is no way something exists that can function as a blocked (EVH style), fully-floating trem, and feature a new trem variation called "assisted float" (which improves tuning stability) and mount to your guitar without cutting massive amounts of wood from the body.  There is also no way that this could be installed without ANY huge mods to your guitar, is there?!  

Well, thanks to the fine team over at Floyd Rose Engineering, they have devised the ingenious FRX Trem which allows you to convert any guitar with a stoptail/tune-o-matic bridge to a professional trem-equipped machine with NO routing!  In fact, all you need to drill are 2 small holes to install the new generation locking nut!  Simple wood screws and some pilot holes- that's it! 

Don't worry, while these trems come in SAE sizes for Gibson, and metric for Epiphone, players can retrofit ANY similar guitar with this style bridge.  So, if you have that one-off guitar that was kind of a one trick pony, or want to change up the flexibility of one of your guitars, this is a fairly simple and cheap thing to upgrade.

Obviously, if you don't like trems, then you don't need to read any further, but if you like the ability to dive, pull up the pitch, squeal, really rip on pinch harmonics and natural harmonics, flutter notes and chords, and just use it as an expression bar for everything from jazz to rock, this thing does it all- and more stable than ever before!

It comes in three finishes to complement almost all guitar styles and hardware configurations, pictured below are chrome and black, but it also comes in gold.

The install really shouldn't take more than an hour, and at the end of the process you'll have a bad ass looking piece of gear that will really open up the envelope of your guitar's expression and sonic possibility.  Are you worried about working on your own guitar?  Well, check out this great video, where FLOYD ROSE HIMSELF (!!!!) guides you thru the installation and set up of this bridge.  Bonus content- plenty of great guitar humor, and insight into how to properly use and set up a Floyd Rose

It's like most things, once you understand the method to the mayhem, it all makes sense on why it's something worth trying!

Happy set-ups my guitar friends!


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