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These brand new bridge pins are going to give your acoustic some SERIOUS POWER!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't believe me?  Read on...  (and if you don't get the Back to the Future reference...)

In all seriousness, the Power Pins will give your acoustic some very serious power- in tone and flexibility, and yes, they obviously DO work on your acoustic!  So, get ready for some POWER! 

One of the most difficult things in learning basic guitar maintenance is how to change your strings.  And I think I speak for us all, when we remember that dreaded first time we have to go from changing electric strings (which is fairly simple) to changing acoustic strings.  What the hell is going on here?!  

To put it simply, an acoustic guitar uses a set of bridge pins that insert vertically into the bridge of the guitar to hold the strings in place.  There is a good amount of stretching, break-in, and time before the strings tune up perfectly; and even as weather changes and time goes on, the guitar may still suffer from tuning instability.  The bridge pins and the art of both pulling them and reinserting them is a bit of a voodoo mojo schtick.

Compare that to the much more simple task of restringing an electric guitar.  With either a string-thru body, hardtail, or even a trem, the task is simple: thread the string thru the right hole and tune to pitch!  Which is why it is always great to learn how to do your restringing first on an electric, before getting into acoustic or classical guitars.

Usually the hardest part of restringing an acoustic, no matter how many times you've done it, is finding a good way to pull those damn bridge pins out without destroying them.  All too often players resort to grabbing the nearest set of pliers or even worse, a set of keys or a screwdriver to pry it out.  This only ends up either destroying the pin, bridge, or both; and GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL if you break the head off of the pin trying to remove it forcefully!

I was lucky enough to have had a multi-tool which I never knew had a bridge pin puller ingeniously built into it, which came as an awesome surprise the first time I went to restring my acoustic.  Check this thing out:

Thankfully my acoustic string changing journies have been smooth, but it's always a bit hairy every time one goes thru the task of removing and then re-inserting the pins!  You tune to pitch and you may hear all sorts of fun creaking, bending, and metallic noises as the pins get seated and everything shifts into place!  It's a bit questionable, at best.

This may all leave you saying, "Dammit, it's 2014, why hasn't this age-old method been improved?!"   Well I come to you today bearing great news as a product has been growing in popularity and is taking the guitar universe by storm!

They are called Power Pins and they not only look classy and improve your guitar's tone, but FINALLY make the art of restringing an acoustic something much more simple and also far less time-consuming.  Basically, you remove your bridge pins for the last and final time while also taking those shitty old strings off.  Then you simply take the 3 sizes (marked B for bottom 2, M for middle 2, and T for top 2, get it?) and insert them into the correct hole.  You reach thru the soundhole to tighten each Power Pin down to bind it to your acoustic's bridge.  Then once all 6 are in, you simply get your new strings threaded thru each Power Pin, seeing that the ball-end is flush! 

Can it get any easier?!  NOW, you might actually WANT to re-string your acoustic more than once every 3 years.  Plus for all you hard working gigging acoustic musicians, your fears of breaking a string at a live gig is now reduced to a simple, quick, tool-free pit stop!  Those damned bridge pins are a thing of the past!  Good riddance to those antiquated foolish pieces of days gone by!  Although, don't worry Planet Waves, I'll always love you for inventing that amazing multi-tool!

Check out this video detailing the Power Pins and their installation here:

Now, check out THIS video, where you can hear the tone difference about mid-way thru the video:

(Yes, the audio is shitty, but try to listen for the nuances in the tone)

Note, he did not use new strings, but it does appear that he has gained a much nicer sparkle and body to his guitar's tone.

Seriously, these things look so classy once they are installed.  Your hardest decision will be what color to get! They come in chrome, black, and gold, which will match just about any acoustic out there! 

Here are the instructions- simple 3 steps towards never pulling another bridge pin!

Want to get a set? 


FYI FRET12 does NOT sell these!  This is only a gear writeup!  Please visit /\ the above site to purchase and for all other questions!