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We're not talking about the band, and we're not talking your average delay pedal.  This very well may be one of the future kings of delay!  And let's be honest, delay is easily one of the coolest and most versatile effects for guitar.  It sounds amazing in any context of music, and with either super clean playing or ultra-dirty tones.

Most of us guitarists are familar with pedals like the Boss DD3 Digital Delay which offer a decent amount of features for a small stompbox.  Then, there are more advanced pedals like T-Rex's REPLICA which lets you set up tap tempos and more time-stretching ability.  Then there are even more epic pedals like the Line 6 DL4 which lets you have preset delays, stereo delays, ping-pong, the possibilities are nearly limitless!

But now, short of ProTools and things like the Roland Space Echo RE201 or the Binson Echorec, this pedal does it all and then some!  It lets players have THREE preset delays that can be used alone or in unison, and the tap tempo syncs all of them together so you don't have issues with the delays not lining up properly with each other, or the tempo of the song.

This pedal balances a small size and weight with all the features of much more advanced units!  Seriously, do you want to haul around a Roland tape echo to your next gig which costs over $1000 and has tons of tiny moving parts?!  I didn't think so...

This Flashback Triple is modern and robust and has all the ease of use you could want, without limiting your creative outlets.  Seriously, the first time you stack delay sounds; you will be in heaven!  This pedal has 16 subdivision options so you can choose your preferred delay rhythm- all delays can follow a similar tempo with different polyrhythms that can all be added and subtracted with their various footswitches. 

This pedal also can sync the 3 delays in either serial or parallel mode.  TC Electronic has always made amazing delays, like their TC 9920 unit, and this pedal has a rotary selector that has all their legendary units and styles built right in!  Plus, the TonePrint feature that TC Pedals have allows you to download your favorite artists' signature tones!  As always, this pedal is true bypass and analog drive-thru. 

Want to hear this thing in action?  Check this video out from the amazing team at TC Electronic!

Thanks to TC Electronic for the images