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Let's rewind back to 2013... Sevendust had just released their latest electric album "Black Out The Sun" in April.  They then embarked on a spring/summer tour to support the new album, and brought out a co-headlining band that no one saw coming!  That's right, Sevendust would be touring with Coal Chamber!  Nu-metal fans held their collective breaths wondering what would happen.  After all, the history of these two bands was not exactly the most peaceful.  While they both were staple bands of the late 90s nu-metal explosion, they eventually fell out so bad that [Sevendust drummer] Morgan Rose wrote a song about "the person in the world I hate more than Saddam Hussein". 

Well that's definitely saying a lot!  Don't believe me?  Read the old interview on MTV HERE  (that's right- a music interview on MTV, so you know it's old school)

Morgan Rose has always been known to speak his mind and is never afraid to showcase his anger through his music- eventually penning the song "Enemy"- written completely about his feelings towards the Coal Chamber frontman.

Well, here we are in the mid-20-teens and Morgan and company seem to have let bygones be bygones, and first showcased this rekindled friendship by going out on the road with each other!  The tour ended up being a massive worldwide hit with fans, and while old Coal Chamber fans came out in droves to see the reformed band, they were left a bit high and dry with a simple reunion but no new music! 

I mean seriously, check them out at live at DOWNLOAD 2013!!!

By late 2013, things appeared to have been a short-lived reunion as Dez Fafara rejoined his other band DEVILDRIVER. 

Only a few months later however, rumors began circulating that Coal Chamber may be writing for a new record.  While it was announced that 2013's bassist Chela Rae Harper had left, they were bringing back old bass player Nadja Peulen (the 2nd bassist in the band, who took over bass duties after founding bassist Rayna Foss had left to raise the daughter she had with Morgan Rose). 

Now with Nadja back in the fold, Coal Chamber was looking more like their old selves than ever before, and their Facebook page has been blowing up with studio updates! 

Dez had the following to say about the new album:

"Over the years we just started talking and hanging out, and from there we decided to take it around the world and on a tour, and it went really well. Everywhere we would go crowds were coming out in force, and from there it would come to guys slipping me demoes silently, without anyone really knowing and I loved the stuff. It was evolved, we have evolved, and the music has evolved. And when I heard a couple of the songs I said, 'Man, this could be legitimately really cool.' So we signed with Napalm Records; they'll be our partner in this. I'm tracking vocals in November and we're hoping to be done, mixed, and mastered in January and get it out to people next year."

The band will be working on the new album in Florida with producer Mark Lewis (who has also produced music for Devildriver and Cannibal Corpse).  The album is slated for an early 2015 release!

Read more about the new album HERE

Thanks to Blabbermouth and Coal Chamber's Facebook page for the pics!