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311's Tim Mahoney is no stranger to epic amounts of PRS guitars, Diamond amplifier stacks, and pedalboards.  Yes, you read that right- PEDALBOARDS is plural! 

Seriously, Tim has been known to use some seriously massive amounts of effects.  It's one thing when you listen to 311's music, but a whole 'nother ball of wax when you feast your GASsing eyes on the massive amounts of stompbox-ery that is going on on stage! 

Put on this tune and let a bunch of great guitar effects sweep you away as you read on: 

Tim uses a huge amount of loops to keep things under control as far as signal flow, but he uses a totally old-school layout of pedals at his feet!  In a day and age when so many guitarists have converted their effects into boring MIDI-controlled 1-2 space digital rack units, it's really great to see players who still use stompboxes at their feet.  Most people complain about "tap-dancing" but to those people I say- man up! lazy guitarists! 

Watching a true effects guru guitarist at work on stage is truly magical, and always provides for a much more interesting looking (and sounding!) stage show - a guitarist (or skilled roadie) who is in control of an effects rig always makes for a show that is fresh and unique from night to night!

Below, are two rig rundowns for the almighty Tim Mahoney, and if you love effects, you are going to LOVE watching these! So give 'em a quick watch and once you're done, what do you think Tim's most important boxes are?

Interestingly enough- out of ALL that, Tim's favorite boxes are the MXR Phase 90, the Ibanez CS9 and AD9 (Chorus and Delay), the Boss OC2 (octave), and last but not least, the Mu-Tron III Envelope Filter! 

I happen to be personally biased towards all 5 of these amazing pedals, in particular the Phase 90!  Only one knob, yet almost unlimited possibilities!  Tim elaborates more on this amazing yet simple wonder, plus the Mu-Tron in this great feature from our friends at Premier Guitar! (If you're wondering what the hell the Mu-Tron sounds like, well if you've been jamming out to "Amber" this whole time, that main riff stars the Mu-Tron!)

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