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Some fans are more intense than other, that is something most people will agree, but just how intense can one fan be? Well, two fans actually. Fans going by Chris D. and Dave C. have re-recorded Metallica’s very controversial St. Anger in it’s entirety. That’s right, the whole damn thing. A lot of people had a lot to say about what was wrong with St. Anger, which was released back in 2003, mostly about the production. Now, 12 years later, the fans have decided to fix the problems that the album had on their own.


In a statement as to why they went through with the project, they said:

"Recorded during a turbulent time in the bands career, 'St. Anger' has always divided opinion. Some longtime fans were turned off by the drop tuned riffs and raw production, whilst some listeners embraced it, myself included. #STANGER2015 is for the listeners who weren't so fond on the record back when it was released in 2003."
"Recorded from the ground up, the album has been shortened by 15 minutes, yet every riff and lyric is intact, resulting in a more concise and focused record. The production is also more conventional, and we hope that Metallica fans appreciate this new version of an album that is always looked at as an anomaly in the incredible career of the world's biggest metal band, Metallica."
"Absolutely no money has been made from this project, and it has been created out of love for one of our favorite bands of all time. There will be no download links or alternative streaming options aside from this singular YouTube video."

All that effort, just to be released for free? It would be impossible for them to monetize it without getting a call from Metallica’s lawyers, but still. It shows how dedicated fans are to the band, to re-record an entire album for nothing, pretty much.

You can listen to the album here, and you should, despite what your opinions on the album were before: