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2015 is looking to be not only about huge releases from a lot of popular bands from recent years, but it also seems to be a year for older bands to get back together and make something new. Faith No More, Venom, and Napalm Death have all been working up to their newest record, and they all were active in the 80s. Now, an even older band is coming to release their new stuff: UFO. The band was active in the 70s, and they’re still going at it, still featuring founding members Phil Mogg on vocals and Andy Parker on drums. The band also has one of their original members from the 70s, their guitarist Phil Raymond, along with Vinnie Moore, another guitarist they picked up when the band reunited in 2003.

Now, their planning the release of their 21st studio album, and their follow-up to 2012’s Seven Deadly for release on February 23rd in Europe and March 3rd in the U.S. Last week (January 29th) the band released a teaser for the new album, which featured parts of the new music, as well as announcing the band’s tour dates: 


Not only that, but yesterday (February 3rd) the band released ‘Run Boy Run’ their first single for the new album:

And here’s the full track listing for the new album:

01. The Killing Kind
02. Run Boy Run
03. Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun
04. Sugar Cane
05. Devils In The Detail
06. Precious Cargo
07. The Real Deal
08. One And Only
09. Messiah Of Love
10. Rolling Rolling
11. King Of The Hill (bonus track)