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For those of you who may not have heard, there was a pretty prominent metal outfit by the name of Unlocking the Truth making waves at Warped Tour, Coachella, and as street performers in Times Square back in 2013. How were they making waves you may ask? Well, both members of the band were just 12 years old at the time. While they did do a really sick cover of Chelsea Grin in Times Square, they were also writing and performing their own stuff at different venues. Obviously, with most young artists with that kind of talent, they blew up on the internet, and Sony ended up offering the boys from Brooklyn a contract that would net them a potential $1.7 Million in 2014! With random street performances like they were doing, the viral attention, and now the opportunity to do something in the studio, things seemed to be looking up for the band.

Their cover of Chelsea Grin in Times Square:

The contract, however, isn’t so simple; it’s not like a company like Sony would just randomly hand cash like that to a couple of 13 year olds. They were handed a $60K advance to make their first record with Sony, which meant that they would have to make all of that money back, and then some. If the band were able to sell 250,000 copies, the could continue with a $350K advance on their second album, and so on. For comparison, Cannibal Corpse sold nearly 9,000 copies in their first week, meaning that Unlocking the Truth would have to sell nearly 10 times as many records in their first week in order to be on track to sell 250,000. So many already well-established bands have trouble breaking 200,000, let alone an extra 50,000 on top of that. So, how would Unlocking the Truth be able to manage?

Well, the truth is that they didn’t. This was back in 2014 that the contract was handed to them, and now, they have announced that they’re trying to get away from this impossible contract. Billboard reports that the band announced their departure from the label while screening their documentary at SXSW:

“'Our attorneys are working on our exit from Sony now,’ guitarist, songwriter and singer Malcolm Brickhouse said at the March 14 world premiere of Breaking a Monster, a documentary on how the band rose from playing the sidewalks of Times Square to the main stage of Coachella and Vans Warped Tour.

"Band manager Alan Sacks confirmed they were in the process of leaving Sony, but said there were no other details to give.”

While this is pretty bad news for the band, it could still work out okay for them. They were planning to release an EP through Artery Recordings, but distribution is getting in the way of that, which seems to be the same problem that they’re experiencing with their documentary that’s being released through CAA. They’re also doing commercials for various companies, so this is not a career ending blow by Sony. It just may be a little discouraging for a couple of young artists who are trying to do good.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the documentary, because if it’s comparable to the mini-one they did, it’ll be quite interesting: