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Hardcore metallists and PRS forum-goers are all very familiar with Dustie Waring's amazing collection of PRS guitars.  They are all guitars which possess a certain level of beauty and class, considering that they provide the guitar tones that are used in the hellacious sonic onslaught of prog-metal leviathans BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME!

You'd hear their recordings and never guess that a classy, highly customized and tricked out PRS worth more than your car is the vehicle of tone behind this sound!  I mean seriously, it's hard NOT to pry your eyes away from this Custom 24's gorgeous finish!

Not only does it look killer, but it features a boat-load of customizations; namely a real-deal Floyd Rose, custom signature DiMarzio pickups, matching headstock, glowing fret marker dots on the neck, 100% blacked-out hardware, satin finish, and MUCH more- aka many things that are not "PRS standard".  And that's just fine!

For a long time, players have demanded a Floyd-ed PRS, and have always either been told no, or to go build a guitar thru PRS Private Stock.  Thanks to the recent success of BTBAM's recordings, and a lot of fan and player input, PRS has decided to actually green light the Dustie Waring Signature PRS Custom 24!  (and you won't have to pay Private Stock prices!)

That's right, but don't get too excited, this thing is offered only as a LIMITED EDITION, meaning the ordering window is only open from TODAY, aka October 8, until December 15, 2014.  Then, like so many other epic PRS guitars of days gone by, it will be gone- never to be made again (unless it's the Cu22, but shh).

Check out what PRS has to say about it HERE

“I can’t see myself playing anything else. They are perfect instruments that you can get any tone you want out of, and they look absolutely badass,” Dustie Waring, Between the Buried and Me.

Since 2008, Waring has traditionally used a PRS Custom 24 outfitted with a Floyd Rose tremolo system. This limited edition signature model takes the PRS Custom 24 ‘Floyd’ platform and adds some unique features that Dustie specified to make his perfect PRS, including Dustie Waring signature DiMarzio humbucking pickups. Waring’s signature pickups were designed to cover the spectrum from pristine cleans to heavy rhythm chords all with no harsh trebles or mushy bottom end. Paired with black hardware and a satin finish, these guitars have a look that is as sophisticated and menacing as Waring’s tone.

And here is a great new intro video to this guitar! 

Not only that, but if you are weird, and for some reason are not into the stunningly Private Stock-esque "Waring Burst" finish, you can also get it in a series of other classic PRS stains!

We can even get you one, so if you're craving it, order one before it's too late! 

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  photos thanks to PRS Guitars and!