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No, no, ladies and gents, this is ZOLTAN BATHORY, aka the lead guitarist for 5 Finger Death Punch, and there is some big news around this noteworthy guitar-slinger!

Zoltan is a longtime user of BC Rich and Dean guitars, and he has been seen with quite the variety of metal-looking guitars throughout the band's impressive career.  Fellow 5FDP guitarist Jason Hook already has a signature axe of his own with Gibson guitars, so would a signature model for Zolton be in the works?  And with what brand?  And what style would it be?  This is Zoltan we're talking about here.... it's gonna have to have some serious attitude.

Well the guitar pictured above are the two variants that are the Zoltan Bathory Signature Halcyon guitar!  Featuring a custom inlay between the first and third frets the guitar balances the look of exotic wood finishes with a hard edged appearance that certainly fits right in with 5FDP.

It did not come as a product from either Dean Guitars or BC Rich, but instead comes from DBZ.  DBZ Guitars are one of the spawns of Dean Guitars, a company which has recently joined forces with Diamond Amplifiers.

Now going by DBZ Diamond, these guitars feature a completely custom appearance and superior playability at a very affordable price!  Until now, the company did not offer signature guitar model.  While the brand has an impressive roster of artists who endorse the company, the artists all currently play existing models of the DBZ guitar line up. 

Zolton will be the first to break this trend with his signature Halcyon guitar.  The guitar features the always-killer combination of Pegasus and Sentient humbuckers from the masters at Seymour Duncan.  The axe also features typical pickup and knob layout, a 3 way selector, a Floyd Rose trem, and custom artwork on the neck from the first to third frets. 

The guitar will come in two variants:

Kona Brown

and Black Moonrise.

The Kona Brown model features a flamed Maple top over a Mahogany body with a Mahogany neck and Ebony fretboard, while the Black Moonrise utilizes a flamed Maple top over a Maple body with Maple neck and Ebony fretboard.

Best news of all, you can win one!

Go check it out!